Stray Light Control Kit - simple & cost effective DIY solution - Acktar black coatings

Kit pour le contrôle
des rayonnements parasites

Stray Light Control Kit
Stray Light Control Kit
Stray Light Control Kit

Metal Velvet Foil Pre-forms

A simple, cost effective solution which makes it possible to benefit from the performance of Acktar ‎black coatings in a DIY (Do It Yourself) manner.


Low Reflection
REACH ROHS Compliant


Acktar’s well-known black coated light absorbing foils are now available as 2D or 3D preforms for attachment ‎to parts of any shape – flat, concave, convex, etc.

The preforms are supplied “ready for use” and are simply ‎bonded in place on the customer’s parts – by the customer.‎

In accordance with the application – the preforms can be based on any of Acktar’s coated foil products ‎combined with a variety of adhesives, such as low outgassing, high temperature etc.

Sample kit layouts (dimension in cm):

Stray Light Control Kit die cute labels

Optical Performance

  • Laser beam dump
  • Stray light suppression
  • Laser safety screen
  • Projectors & Displays
  • Inspection black contrast
  • Baffles & apertures
  • Thermal management
  • Spectrometers
  • Calibration standards
  • Black box

Optical Performance chart: Hemispherical and Specular reflectance

Die Cut formats for black coating labels


Aluminium foil substrate thickness
115 microns typical
Coating thickness
5 microns typical
*Adhesive thickness
60 microns typical (adhesive is optional and offered in Standard and Low outgassing)
Abrasion resistance
Humidity resistance
Storage conditions – adhesive limited
Indoor conditions, (approx. 21oC; RH approx. 50%)
Standard shelf life – adhesive limited
For best performance, apply adhesive and remove protective layer within 12 months of shipment from Acktar.
Compressed dry air / nitrogen
Delivery formats
Sheets, Rolls, Die-Cuts
ROHS, REACH, ISO 9001:2015, AS9100

Working Temperatures

Without adhesive
Long term -196℃ to +350℃, short term up to +400℃
With standard adhesive
Long term -40℃ to +121℃, short term up to +177℃
With low-outgassing adhesive
Long term -50℃ to +150℃, short term up to +260℃